What is the Brookside Colony Civic Association?

Every homeowner in Brookside Colony is a member of The Brookside Colony Civic Association (or BSCCA). This 147-member association was established to maintain certain standards within the neighborhood via the Covenants and Restrictions (which were recorded starting in 1980), to represent homeowner interests in local area projects, and to determine how fee assessments are used.

The officers, trustees, and committee chairpersons of BSCCA are Brookside Colony homeowners who serve these positions as volunteers. These individuals represent all BSCCA members and make decisions regarding the governance of the Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions (recorded in 2002) and the stewardship of treasury funds.

The BSCCA holds meetings as issues affecting the neighborhood arise. These meetings are announced via a general email message as well as on this website (on the home page). All board members are encouraged to attend. All Brookside Colony residents are welcome to attend.

2021 - 2022 BSCCA Officers
President Ragavan Aiyadurai
(614) 284-0054
Presides over all meetings of BSCCA, calls for special meetings, holds elections, assigns duties, and fulfills the association’s purpose.
Vice President Dan Cappel
Assists in fulfilling the association’s purpose & takes over the duties of the President as needed.
Secretary Rachel Adamo
Takes minutes at meetings and monitors the BSCCA newsletter and website.
Treasurer Diane Rosso
Prepares treasury reports & pays bills. Keeps record of paid dues & real estate notification receipts for no-lien letters.
2021 - 2022 District Representatives
There are eight districts covered by ten representatives. The representatives are responsible for collecting the annual dues (fee assessments) from each homeowner in the assigned district. They also distribute flyers, answer resident questions about the association and the association's activities as well as bring resident concerns to the attention of the Board.
Brookside Colony district map
Trustee District Assignment
District 1 Gail Curtis
District 2

Dan Cappel

District 3 Jody Sickles
District 4 Teresa Grossman
(position open)
District 5 Ken Lewallen
(position open)
District 6 Diane Rosso
District 7 Taylor Sommer
District 8 Melissa Bryant
2021 - 2022 Committee Chairpersons
Deed Restriction Committee

Application form
Taylor Taylor Sommer

Chuck Eckel

Gail Curtis

Jody Sickles

Reviews resident construction plans to ensure they comply to the Deed Restricstions, sends letters to residents & the association attorney regarding any reported violations.
General/Alert Email
Diane Rosso

Ragavan Aiyadurai

Gail Curtis

Sends out BSCCA announcements as well as general announcements provided by residents.

Monitors the email chain to alert residents of any reported suspicious activities or crimes in the area and holds Neighborhood Block Watch Meetings.
Newsletter Editor
Cancelled this committee. No newsletter in years; website will be used for neighborhood news Writes quarterly newsletters to be distributed to residents via electronic or paper copy.
Will be moving on-line soon Keeps neighborhood and resident information updated for the BSCCA directory.
Diane Rosso

Jody Sickles
Welcomes new residents to the neighborhood & gathers information for the next directory.
Website Managers
Ragavan Aiyadurai

Dan Cappel

Shawn Limes
Monitors the BSCCA website information with Board approval.
Real Estate Contact
Diane Rosso
Sends a copy of the Amended & Restated Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions to the listing agent, Real Estate Co. or For Sale By Owner with receipt of paid dues & deed violations, if any.
Dublin School District John Bernans
Keeps the BSCCA up-to-date on important School District information.
Far Northwest Coalition Taylor Sommer
Keeps the BSCCA up-to-date on important FNWC information and issues.
Charter Agent Attorney of Record Keeps fee assessments current for the charter drafted May 1987.
Holiday Lighting OPEN Sends out flyers, counts ballots, distributes awards & puts up 1st, 2nd & 3rd place signs.